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History of North Kessock and the Black Isle, near Inverness 

Before the advent of the Kessock Bridge in 1982, there was a ferry crossing from North Kessock to Inverness dating back to early times. It was used by the local farming communities who sold and bought produce in Inverness.
In the 15th century the lands and ferry on the Black Isle side were part of the Redcastle Estate and the strategic position of the ferry was significant in times of conflict. An example of this was in 1649 when Oliver Cromwell was thwarted in his attempts to control the area. Royalist Highlanders used the ferry to transport troops onwards to Inverness to retrieve Inverness Castle from the ambitious Cromwell.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the Laird of Redcastle proposed a scheme to improve the landing site at North Kessock. Improvements continued after 1825 when Sir William Fettes bought over the estate. He was responsible for a new pier and the Kessock Ferry Inn.

In more recent times, the first purpose-built vehicle ferry – the 'Eilean Dubh' – was introduced in the late 1940s. It could carry up to eight cars. The 'Inbher Nis', with a four-vehicle capacity, was added in the 1950s. In 1967, a purpose-built, roll-on roll-off ferry was introduced – the 'Rosehaugh'. Demand began to outweigh supply and proposals for a bridge were accepted in 1972. When the bridge opened 10 years later, the 'Eilean Dubh' was used as a tender for oil rigs moored in the Cromarty Firth for service and repair.

....and here today, for your pleasure!

The North Kessock Hotel - Waterfront Hotel Accommodation near Inverness City Centre 

One of the finest hotel accommodations in it's class, the North Kessock's waterfront location overlooks Inverness and offers resident parking, slick professional service, knowledgable local staff and location, location, location, all of which adds up to a memorable holiday experience in and around North Kessock, the Black Isle and Inverness, capital city of the Highlands. 

In addition to high quality hotel restaurant dining, serving some of the best food in the area, North Kessock hotel has individually styled en-suite accommodation with the usual refinements including slim vision TV and binoculars for a bit of dolphin spotting. There are also extensive gardens, terrace and patio areas .

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